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2.  Payment Options
3.  Shipping


  • For any cosplay or custom clothing order, depending on how easy/difficult we deem it to be, it takes anywhere from  two to six weeks to complete.  Depending on how busy we are (see the calendar on the main page), it's possible to have your order completed sooner.  Only after when payment has been received can we begin your order so please plan accordingly.  

  • We provide work in progress pictures on all costumes and custom clothing orders.

  • We have the right to refuse any cosplay or custom clothing order.  We will never compromise quality or commitments to existing customers by taking in more work than we're able or trying to do something we deem to be too difficult.

  • All sales are final and we cannot accept returns on any cosplay or custom clothing order  as each is a one of a kind creation crafted to specifically fit you.

You'll need to request a quote from us first.  Please send us an email with answers to the following questions.  If it's easier for you, just copy and paste these in your quote request email:

 (1) The name of the character and series they're from.  If it's an original or custom outfit let us know.

 (2)  Provide pictures that show a good clear front, side, and rear view of the character.  Full body shots if possible.  Please try to limit it up to six pictures total.  We prefer links but attachments are okay.

 (3)  Give us your general clothing size (S, M, L, etc.), gender, and approximate height in either inches or centimeters.

 (4)  Give us a specific date when you need the order by.  Be sure to factor in the time it takes for the postal service to deliver the package to you as we are based in Los Angeles, California.

 (5)  It's helpful (but not necessary if you're not comfortable doing it) to let us know where you're located so we can factor in shipping.  State or city is all we need and if you're located outside the United States, then your country is all that's needed.

 (6Email us your request.

  • After we've received your quote request, you'll get a response from us with a quoted price for your outfit.  If you find our prices acceptable, just let us know and we'll proceed and discuss payment options.

  • Acceptable payment options include:  Paypal (credit card orders through Paypal is also okay) and personal checks or money orders.  If paying by personal check, it will take one week for us to clear it with the bank before your order can start.

  • We can accept payment plans!  This all depends on the total amount you're purchasing from us, but we'd prefer it to be in three or fewer installment payments.  Our policy is that before an order is shipped to a customer, all outstanding payments must be completed first.

  • If you're in the Southern California area, you can pay us in-person.  We'll meet in a public location of course.

  • Unless you wish to have a faster (and more expensive) shipping option, all orders are shipped Priority Mail via the United States Postal Service.  Tracking numbers will be emailed to you which you can then look up.  Shipping costs are normally included in all our quotes.

  • If you're in the Southern California area, you can pick up your order in-person and save on shipping costs.

  • We ship internationally and have had customers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other European countries.  While we'll ship to almost any country please keep in mind on these kind of orders we'll have to charge a slightly higher price due to international shipping costs.  All international orders are shipped using express international mail via the United States Postal Service.  It's reliable, has package tracking, and is the most cost effective option.

  • On all international orders, you as the customer are responsible for all customs charges that may be incurred.